watchingsjwstumbldown asked:

I've seen you post things before about checking ones privilege. My question to you is why should I care if I have privilege? To me it seems like having privilege is a good thing. Why should I give that up? What are the advantages?

mirandaadria answered:

I don’t know, maybe not sending me Asks with ridiculous questions anymore?





How is that a ridiculous question? I’m curious as to why I should care about “privilege.” My life is hard enough without having to worry about whether or not I achieved something because of my skin tone or my genitals. If someone can come up with a legitimate reason, I’m willing to listen and change my thinking accordingly. If all you can do is say fuck you whitey, I’m going to have to come to the conclusion that apparently my privilege extends to civility and thinking critically.

You’re going to continue thinking what you’re thinking because one person who has had enough bullshit flung her way this past week isn’t willing to take time out of her life to sweetly caress your brain and explain to you why you’re a privileged piece of shit?

When a few simple Google searches would tell you all you need to know about societal privilege?

When there are blogs specifically dedicated to educating people about all manners of privilege?

When there are resources readily at your disposal that talk about the intersectionality of privilege?

When there are reports, news articles, research papers, and other literature already in existence that focus on privilege?

Wow. You sure were interested in being educated about your privilege, huh?

Hell no I’m not interested in it. But you seem to make a big deal about it, so I got curious. Since this is your cause, something that you are passionate about, I thought I’d go straight to the source, but since you can’t be bothered to help people understand, it must not be that important.

It isn’t just MY cause, dipshit. Which was exactly my point. There has already been scores of discussions concerning privilege throughout history. My lack of desire to spoonfeed you information is not an indication of how much I stand by my beliefs or how important the issues are; it’s an indication of how much I despise scumbag, lowlife, bottom feeding pissbags like you.

Are you planning on paying me for educating you? Do I get to choose my commission prices for teaching you something you could easily learn on your own? No? Then get the fuck away from me.

Why would I pay you to teach me something that I don’t care about? There’s no motivation for me to either learn or care about this subject. I saw you ranting on it so I thought I would ask. How does that make me a “scumbag, lowlife, bottom feeding pissbag?” Plus with you calling me those type of names, it makes me want to use my privilege to do some oppressing. I think tomorrow I’m gonna write my congressman and tell him we should tighten down the border with Mexico, ship out all illegals, outlaw abortion and gay marriage. I’ll be sure to include a picture of myself so that he knows to take me seriously. Way to go. You actively push people away from your “social justice.”

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  7. anonymoops said: To the asker: “I have privilege, why isn’t everything always about me?” Because it already is? “Advantages” aka “what’s in it for me to recognize that my opinion and way of life probably isn’t the cornerstone for the existance of everyone else?”